Escape games by "Trapped Singapore" in Singapore

Trapped Singapore is a leading Escape Room Singapore company that specializes in 5D Real Life Escape games. We aim to provide the next generation experiential form of entertainment for everyone to enjoy as a fun-filling, bonding activity!

Holy Cow! What is this site about?

What you see here is Singapore’s number one real escape room attraction. A real escape room Singapore in a nut shell is basically a new form of experiential attraction like no order where group of players have to work together in a team to solve mysteries, find clues and ultimately find their way to victory. Players get to choose from 5 different exciting theme rooms to escape from.

We provide you the opportunity to put your mystery solving skills and IQ to the test.  We’ve literally brought the online virtual escape games to reality, but with a twist. Book with us now to enjoy a mind-blowing experience.

I’m sorry but I still don’t get it?! What is an escape room again?

Well, picture this, you’re trapped in a room with your peers, and there seems to be almost no way out. Here you get to become the master at solving puzzles, discovering hidden clues, uncovering mysteries and succeeding to escape our well thought and creative concept rooms.

You literally need to explore and search the rooms for hidden passageways, or maybe crawl in a small tunnel and even perhaps encounter a zombie or two while you’re at it! Definitely guaranteed to have lots of laughter, fun and screaming for some. If you are looking for fun things to do in Singapore, this is definitely one attraction to check on your to do list.

This sure sounds exciting but is it safe? I have kids with me and are they allowed in?

Good question and a valid one indeed! Trapped Escape Room Singapore is one of the safest escape room in Asia as there is hardly any physical activity required neither are there any dangerous props or stunts that you need to perform. We have had kids as young as 7 years old and elder players as old as our grannies having great fun in our rooms with zero casualties or injuries. Well, the only time we have casualties is when you failed to escape and we feed you to the zombies and that’s about it.

Wow! I can’t wait to try it. How much is it and how long is the duration? Do we get any clues from you?

Here at Trapped Escape Room Singapore we offer the longest game time duration of up to 60mins unlike elsewhere which offer less than 60mins of gameplay. And we really mean it 60 minutes, not a minute less and not a minute more. We will not give you any clue at the beginning but you are given 3 life lines to call for help just so that you have a fighting chance. But if you are smart enough like Einstein, you won’t even need any lifeline but so far we haven’t got anybody smart enough to escape without any lifelines. Or perhaps we might find our match with you?

Now you’re really getting me so excited to play this now!

Do I need to make a booking or can I just walk in?

We would recommend you to do a booking before coming down just so that you have a confirmed slot with us as we are usually fully booked due to our popularity but you can do a walk-in but you be taking a risk if the rooms are fully booked. And you can’t blame us for that. You have been warned.

We also have an in-house promo right now only for the month of July so book now before the price goes back to normal again! Have lots of fun and happy escaping!

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